Heather Hilker

Heather Hilker


Specialties – Guitar, Piano/Keyboard, Voice / Worship Arts

Willing Vessel by Heather Hilker

Heather joined the Inspire! Studios team in August of 2018. Following a deep love for worship and the music arts, she’s committing to her dream of ‘effectively promoting in others, through worship & music, a meaningful relationship with God and a posture of praise’ by joining Curt & Co.

 Heather has served as the Worship Director at Praise Community Church since 2012, and continues to do so with excellence and devotion. She has had many opportunities to minister through worship at places such as the Global School of Supernatural Ministry, Voice of the Prophets, and other local conferences. She has most recently recorded a series of piano tracks for various ministry projects at Praise and beyond.

“I have known Heather Hilker for several years and have had the privilege to watch her grow into an amazing worshiper. I am truly impressed by her passion to learn and give her best, whether it’s singing, playing or simply serving others. Her heart is pure and tender and her worship reflects those values. It has been an honor to mentor and watch her develop over the years.”    Steve Swanson - Author, Recording Artist, & Director of ‘Friend of the Bridegroom Ministries’

 “It was very easy to welcome Heather to the Inspire! Team because she’s so great with people, she has such a gentle spirit, and she offers such a high quality of musicianship and character. She’s a perfect person to influence the next generation of musicians.” Curt Sipe – Founder/Director – Inspire!

 Education/ Training:

·       Global Awakening School of Worship 

·       Graduate - Unveiling Prophetic School - 2016